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Warwick Arts Centre to generate new artistic and academic collaborations with This Is Tomorrow programme

  • Date: 24 January 2013
  • Area: Midlands
House of money, Bank On It! This is Tomorrow

House of money, Bank On It! This is Tomorrow. Credit: Lizzie Oxby. Picture Credit: Theatre Rites - Bank On It!

This_Is_Tomorrow is a three-year Arts Council ‘seed’ funded programme led by Warwick Arts Centre, which sets out to generate new artistic artist and academic collaborations.

Warwick Arts Centre is located at the University of Warwick, one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities. It is at the heart of a network of UK and international artists and its aim is to explore and illuminate contemporary thinking and research about the human condition. It also works to unearth key issues that face humanity and society across a range of science, social science and humanities subjects.

The first residency for This_is_Tomorrow took place 19-23 March 2012 and consisted of retreats by the departments of Physics, Maths, Economics and Law and the Warwick Business School.

Matt Burman, Head of Programme and Audiences, Warwick Arts Centre said 'We are hugely excited by what is developing from the This_is_Tomorrow pilot and its potential.

'We're still creatively brain-fed by the theories, ideas and narratives opened up by an intense series of conversations and presentations from the Law, Mathematics, Physics, Economics departments and the Business School.

'There are artistic projects in production, in the pipeline and growing and blossoming. Bank On It! will be a co-production with Theatre Rites, the Barbican, CREATE and Warwick Arts Centre (supported by the Economics Department), there's a new play in the pipeline from Rebecca Lenkiewicz and brilliant and innovative ideas being generated by Dan Jones.

'The next residency will be in the middle of March and we're thrilled by the calibre of artists that will be joining us (though we're keeping names under wraps for now). As well as the residency, we, with our associate producers China Plate, are exploring and fostering a series of projects that utilise the links we've strengthened with the academic community at University of Warwick.

'In one week in November 2012 we had five separate projects in development in and around the building and campus! An exhausting period but absolutely where we want to be in terms of being one of the UK's foremost producers of new work"

For more information, you can watch this short video on This is Tomorrow on YouTube, or visit the This is Tomorrow page on the Warwick Arts Centre website.