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Visit the National portfolio interactive map

  • Date: 2 April 2012
  • Area: National
National portfolio map

Our National portfolio officially begins today; you can now view the 696 organisations in the portfolio on our new interactive map. Expand the filters on the left of the map to sort organisations by artform, region or funding amount and then click the search tab. Click the map pins to find out more about any organisation and visit their page on our website. Use the zoom tool to zoom in on any part of the map.

Our National portfolio organisations represent some of the best arts practice in the world today. They are our most significant strategic partners and will collaborate with us to deliver our mission, 'great art for everyone'.

The portfolio is made up of a rich variety of organisations across the country, reflecting the quality and excellence of the arts in England. These organisations differ in size, artform practice, business model and governance but they all play a role in achieving our long-term goals for the arts. 

Visit the interactive map

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