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Tricycle Theatre performs Afghanistan plays for the Pentagon

  • Date: 21 January 2011
  • Area: National

Arts Council regularly funded organisation The Tricycle Theatre is to perform The Great Game: Afghanistan for the Pentagon in Washington DC.

Directed by the Tricycle's Nicolas Kent and Indhu Rubasingham, The Great Game tells the story of Western involvement in Afghanistan through 12 half-hour plays.

The critically acclaimed production, which premiered at the Tricycle Theatre in April 2009, aims to educate audiences about key historical and contemporary events and encourage debate.

The Pentagon performances are presented by The Tricycle along with The British Council and The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a charitable organisation focusing on the reintegration of veterans into their communities. Veterans and their families will be among the audience, which also includes policy and decision makers, military and government officials and active service members.

Director Nicolas Kent said: 'We are honoured to have been asked to perform our production The Great Game: Afghanistan for the Pentagon. It confirms the power of theatre to engage with contemporary policy issues and spark debate, to educate and to challenge, as well as to entertain.'

A similar performance was organised in July 2010, together with the UK's Ministry of Defence.  The head of Britain's armed forces General Sir David Richards, the former head of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, attended the performance with a group of Sandhurst cadets.

Richards said: 'The Ministry of Defence as a whole, and certainly the armed forces, desperately want to understand the country well, and this series of plays - if I had seen it before I had deployed myself in 2005 for the first time - would have made me a much better Commander of the ISAF Forces.'

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