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The Transports - a new score for a folk opera

  • Date: 29 July 2011
  • Area: National, South West
The Transports

The Transports. Credit: Sidmouth Folk Week

A new score has been created for The Transports, Peter Bellamy's folk opera which will be performed during Sidmouth Folk Week to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the composer.

A Grants for the arts award has funded the recreation of the score as well as an exhibition and a screening of the final interview filmed with Peter just a few weeks before his death.

The Transports tells the remarkable true story of two young convicts, Henry Cabell and Susannah Holmes, who meet in Norwich Gaol and fall in love. When the authorities decree that they will be transported separately, and that their new baby must be left behind in England, a kind gaoler intervenes on their behalf, appealing directly to the Home Secretary himself. Henry and Susannah are allowed to be transported together with their baby, and become part of the historic First Fleet, on its way to establish the new penal colony in Australia.

The performance gives the opportunity for young musicians to appear on stage with famous names in folk music such as Martin Carthy and Jackie Oates.
The new score, created by Paul Sartin and Jim Moray, features trombone, accordion, fiddle, cello, oboe and trumpet as well as voices.

The Transports will be performed on 4 August. Tickets for the event (£20or £10 concessions) are available on the Sidmouth Folk Week website, as are day, weekend or week passes.