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Tacita Dean presents 'Film' in Tate's Turbine Hall

  • Date: 11 October 2011
  • Area: National
woman stands in front of 42 foot high film projection

Tacita Dean presents her latest visual arts piece, Film, in the Tate Modern. Credit: PA (Ian Nicholson)

Artist Tacita Dean's new commision opens in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall today, 11 October.

Although it offers no sound, Film - an 11-minute long, 42ft-tall projected film - includes a diverse range of images, incorporating the movement of objects such as escalators, snails and mushrooms.

The piece aims to celebrate the 'magical art' of analogue film and marks the 12th commission in the ongoing Unilever series.

The work is projected onto the back wall of the giant hall, and appears in the guise of a film strip with sprocket holes.

Past works by the artist include a global soundscape, which was used in the Millennium Dome.

Film runs until 11 March 2012.