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Shadow Catchers

  • Date: 13 January 2011
  • Area: South West

74 Arch. Credit: Susan Derges

Susan Derges has been developing new digital techniques building on her work with 'camera-less' photography.

In the past, Susan has worked with elements of the natural world to create photographic images without a camera. She has shown the growth of tadpoles from spawn to frogs and captured the interference patterns in flowing rivers, the energy of waterfalls and the states of water from ice to cloud.

Through exploring computer-based layering and other digital techniques, Susan is now trying to create a similar visual experience. Following a period of research and development, she has made some small scale images and is researching processes to scale up her work to create the sharpness of photograms.

Susan is one of five artists whose work is shown in Shadow Catchers, an exhibition of camera-less photography at the V&A until 20 February. The exhibition coincides with the publication of Susan's book, Elemental.