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Support will continue to help develop talented young musicians

  • Date: 22 November 2012
  • Area: National

This morning, Laura Gander-Howe, Director, Learning, Arts Council England, talked about the importance and continued support for Music education in a speech at the Music education council autumn seminar in London.

As part of the speech it was announced that from April 2013, the Arts Council are taking over the funding for the eight National youth music organisations from Youth Music. This will support the objective of helping to offer opportunities for exceptionally talented young musicians to develop their performance skills across a range of musical genres, regardless of their background.

The importance of fostering high level talent through national youth organisations was highlighted in the National plan and emphasised the importance of celebrating the considerable musical achievements and talents of the young people.

National youth music organisations also support the Arts Council’s goals to increase talent and artistic excellence and access to the arts for children and young people as set out in its strategic framework, Achieving great art for everyone.

In August 2012, the Arts Council also became responsible for Music education hubs in England and National youth music organisations will work in partnership with them to deliver their shared objectives. 

Further information about the funding and a transcript of the speech can be downloaded here.