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Successful application to the Artists' international development fund round four announced

  • Date: 13 June 2013
  • Area: Midlands

An artist from the West Midlands was successful in his round four application to the Artists’ international development fund, a joint three-year programme between the British Council and Arts Council England which will support individual artists based in England to work internationally.

Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 will be awarded to 20 artists nationally to travel, explore and build international partnerships through carrying out their artistic projects. The artists will work across dance, literature, music, theatre, and visual arts in 19 different countries across 4 continents. The grants will be used towards covering travel, accommodation, some material costs and daily needs.

Justin Wiggan has been invited to perform his new work, The Doberman Variations, at 4 different arts events in Norway between 29 July and 3 August. This is the first time Justin will perform outside of the UK, with a piece that explores potential therapy based on the disease of unfounded nostalgia.

Justin has been a practicing sound artist for 13 year and these four invitations to perform live pieces and run a listening workshop at café hambug in Stravanger gives Justin an opening into the international/Scandinavian market, which will allow him to develop his practice in a new environment and the opportunity to work with some of the leading artists in the Norwegian sound art scene.

The Doberman Variations will be a live investigation in to the possible connecting theme of three unsupposedly disconnected topics based on the artist’s obsession of Grace Jones, Dobermans and abandoned theme parks. Connective threads will be created live, using broken vinyl, manipulated ferric cassettes, modified dictations, sellotape and a Russian army tank driver’s throat microphone. These elements will be placed in varying orders with the performance to enable a conclusive link to the three topics

Justin Wiggan said “I am delighted to have been successful with the Artists' international development fund. The Doberman Variations can now begin in full effect. This funding allows my practice to develop strong and supportive links with Norway’s fertile sound art and noise community and audiences. It also opens opportunities for networking between the two country’s art sectors. It’s a sign that sound art and noise can be acknowledged as an equal genre and valid line of creative enquiry”.

The £750,000 Artists' international development fund aims to support artists who have carried out little or no work internationally, and is designed to help artists build on their domestic success and develop markets and audiences overseas for their work.

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