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Staff changes in the Yorkshire office

  • Date: 18 December 2009
  • Area: North

Arts Council England is in the final stages of its organisation-wide restructure that will transform the way it serves the arts and audiences. The restructure will save £6.5 million a year in administration costs and these savings will be invested in the arts.

The internal redeployment process is now nearing completion.

In Yorkshire, Cluny Macpherson has been appointed to be the new Regional Director from April, and he will be joined in the new regional management team by Senior Managers Mark Hollander and Pete Massey with one Senior Manger post still to be filled. A number of other current staff from Yorkshire (and one from the Arts Council’s North East region) have also been appointed to posts in the new structure.

The full list of appointments to date, including some to the new Northern Area team, can be found in the related file. 

Although there remains some potential for internal appointments, it is likely that nine unfilled posts will go to external advert early in the New Year. The new structure will become operational from 1 April 2010. The new management team is genuinely excited about the mix of experience and ‘new blood’ as we move forward.

These changes also mean that a number of current staff, including Regional Executive Director Andy Carver, have chosen to take the opportunity presented by the restructure to move on and they will be leaving the Arts Council in March.