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somewhereto_ assist Blaze young people to go free-running in the Prime Minister’s house

  • Date: 27 October 2011
  • Area: North
Blaze young dancer spins in the air in 10 Downing Street

Free-running in the Prime Minister’s house. Credit: Marc Sethi

Thanks to Olympic legacy project somewhereto_ , Blaze Young Producers Jack and Callum from Accrington were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to practice free-running (aka parkour) at Number 10 Downing Street. What happened has to be seen to be fully appreciated - so follow this link to see these young people in action in the state rooms, debating chambers and grand reception rooms of democracy’s most famous address.

somewhereto_ is a nationwide project, inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, designed to help young people find the space they need to do the things they love, within sport, culture and the arts. Lancashire-based Culturapedia has been appointed as the regional coordinator for the project which is funded by Legacy Trust UK, an independent charity set up to help build a lasting cultural and sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games across the UK.

You can find out more by visiting the somewhereto_ website.

In October 2011 somewhereto_ helped arrange for Accrington youths Callum Harris, 18, and Jack Curtis, 20, to get the unique chance to perform alongside world-class free-running professionals, boxers and spoken word artists along the hallowed corridors of Number 10. Once the film had been shown to the Prime Minister, he was so impressed that he chose to show it at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester earlier this month as an introduction to his conference speech. It is an amazing example of young people engaging with previously private space in an exuberant outpouring of youthful creativity.

Blaze is an ambitious youth-led culture and sport programme for Lancashire, Blackpool and the Fylde Coast that is part of WE PLAY, the North West cultural legacy programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Blaze is supporting young people to take the lead as producers and innovators through a training and development programme that has strong links with cultural and creative industries across the North West region. It is engaging young people in new cultural experiences through opportunities to see challenging and exciting work from across the region and other WE PLAY strands.

For further information about Blaze and its programme of activities visit the website.

Deborah Best, Relationship Manager, Regional Planning, Arts Council England, said: ‘The Arts Council’s mission is Achieving great art for everyone. somewhereto_ provides opportunities for young people to create and make art for spaces and in places which they may not otherwise have access to. Through this programme young artists are encouraged and are challenged to create work which is innovative, providing them with an opportunity to attain their creative aspirations.’

Find out more about Achieving great art for everyone here.