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  • Date: 27 June 2011
  • Area: South West
Reshaping event

Reshaping event. Credit: Arts Council England

The Reshaping project, which launched in early June, signposts arts organisations to sources of advice and guidance in the south west that could help them to manage change.

The online resources describe alternative ways to earn funds, exploit creativity and enhance cultural leadership skills. There are sections on investment, social purpose orientation and reshaping your organisation. Digital opportunities have also been highlighted, describing the rich array of online technologies and channels that are now being used to enable the production, distribution, promotion and consumption of art.

Introductory Reshaping events have described the range of business support available, and given participants the time to consider and discuss their own particular challenges. 85 people attended the first four events in Bristol, Plymouth, Taunton and Weymouth. Their feedback highlights the usefulness of the online resources as well as the valuable contact with other colleagues and specialists in helping them consider their current business and how they move forward.

Common themes emerging at each event included sustainable business models and new approaches to investment including philanthropy and crowd funding. Discussions also arose around commissioning opportunities as well as capacity building within the management, workforce and board teams. Conversations around these areas will continue online, with bookings still being taken for the final event on Thursday 14 July at Swindon Arts Centre and Library.

The Reshaping documents will be updated monthly for the next 5 months with a review in the autumn evaluating the effectiveness of the resources to the arts ecology in the south west.