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Reference Works

  • Date: 2 August 2013
  • Area: Midlands

Birmingham’s largest photography commission, developed in response to the creation of the new library of Birmingham

New work by Michael Collins, Brian Griffin, Andrew Lacon and Stuart Whipps

Exhibitions at:                               Opening times:
The Gallery,                                  8am – 8pm (Mon-Fri)
Library of Birmingham                    9am – 5pm (Sat)
                                                   11am – 4pm (Sun)

Outdoor Exhibition,
Centenary Square                          The Library of Birmingham
                                                   Cententary Square    
Dates:                                          Birmingham
3 September -    B1 2ND
29 December 2013 (free)       

Reference Works is the largest and most significant photography commission undertaken in Birmingham. In conjunction with the gallery exhibition there is an exhibition in the public realm, a publication and an exhibition by the mentored artists. Reference Works forms a major part of the Discovery Season celebrating the opening of the new Library of Birmingham.

The four commissioned artists are Michael Collins, Brian Griffin, Andrew Lacon and Stuart Whipps. Three of the artists have focussed on the buildings, their histories, contents and materials, while one, Brian Griffin, has made portraits of people linked to the new Library of Birmingham, including architects, apprentices, politicians and builders.

Reference Works enabled four emerging artists, all recent graduates or students from Birmingham City University, to work alongside the lead artists to make new work in response to the commission. Mihaela Calin, Andre de Jong, Anne Pawlak and Nathan Spencer are featured in the Reference Works exhibition at Space 35.

Space 35                                       Dates:
Birmingham City University              3 September – 1 November 2013
The Park Side Building
5 Cardigan Street                           Opening Times:
Birmingham                                   8am – 8pm (closed at weekends)
B4 7BD