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Reduced energy costs for arts and culture organisations

  • Date: 23 August 2012
  • Area: National
Illuminated lightbulb

Pay less for energy by joining the Government Procurement Service. Credit: Chris Friese

Arts Council England announces a new service to give arts and culture organisations access to lower energy costs via our energy buyer, Government Procurement Services.

By offsetting the rising cost of energy, we hope that access to lower energy costs will help the arts and culture sectors become more sustainable, a goal which is at the heart of our 10-year vision.

How you can start paying less for energy

Arts and culture organisations can reduce their energy costs by joining the Government Procurement Service's (GPS) energy procurement frameworks which provide lower energy in comparison to market prices.

In purchasing energy through GPS, organisations will also have access to a number of services relating to the reduction of energy consumption such as automated meter reading, IT power management and voltage optimisation.

GPS energy frameworks are open to all not-for-profit arts organisations, museums, galleries and libraries, but not for individuals.

For more information, go to our environmental sustainability section where you can read more about the benefits, eligibility and how to apply

Environmental sustainability in the arts and culture sectors

Securing lower energy for the arts and culture sectors and reducing energy consumption is also part of our broader strategy for encouraging and developing environmental sustainability in the arts.

A lot of energy can be saved by implementing simple efficiency measures as well as longer-term investments.

For ideas on how to become more environmentally sustainable, read Energising Culture, a guide by The Theatres Trust and Julie's Bicycle, with whom we are working closely to make environmental sustainability a priority in the sector.

The guide was co-funded by Arts Council England and The Theatres Trust's Ecovenue project supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Find out more about our work on environmental sustainability in arts and culture.