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Queen visits Turner Contemporary in Margate

  • Date: 15 November 2011
  • Area: South East
queen and prince being welcomed in gallery

Her Majesty The Queen visits Turner Contemporary, 2011. Credit: © Alastair Fyfe

An Arts Council-funded gallery, which recently opened in Kent, has been visited by the Queen.

Margate's Turner Contemporary, named after the painter Joseph Turner, was opened by artist Tracey Emin in April. Emin grew up in the seaside town.

Since then the gallery has seen 300,000 people come through its doors and is said to have given the area a new lease of life.

Visitor numbers are twice what had been expected for the seafront space, which exhibits paintings, photographs, sculpture and installations.

Emin, who met the Queen and Prince Philip as they visited, said: 'It's done extremely well. That's why the Queen is here.

'In the first few months 38 new businesses have opened, Southeastern trains has increased its service, every single shop and café sold out of every cold drink and sandwich (during the launch weekend).

'It's done massive business for Margate.'

Turner Contemporary will be part of the Arts Council's National portfolio from April 2012.