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Our executive team recommends...

  • Date: 17 December 2009
  • Area: London
Miyako Yoshida and Steven McRaein

Miyako Yoshida and Steven McRaein . Credit: Photo: Johan Persson

Moira Sinclair, Executive Director, London:

Earth: Art of a changing world at The Royal Academy:
'A thought provoking and surprisingly beautiful bringing together of over 30 leading international contemporary artists to examine the impact of global climate change on humanity. All the more appealing for its lack of preaching, and its trust in its audience to think intelligently about the issues it raises.'

Not Black and White season at the Tricycle Theatre:
'I also thoroughly enjoyed the Not Black and White season of work at the Tricycle Theatre, three Black playwrights looking at the state of Britain at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Very much of the moment and, I felt, of our city - the company did a great job of entertaining, challenging preconceptions and provoking heated debate on the nights I went.'

Lucinda Derry, Director of Finance, London:

The Nutcraker, The Royal Ballet:
'Well worth a visit is the obvious Christmas choice The Nutcracker. Seeing this always marks the start of the festive period for me. The Royal Ballet's version is now in its 25th year and doesn't seem to have lost its appeal.  The production is full of magic and fantastic costumes, with a growing Christmas tree and some rather scary looking mice.'

Lucy Murray, assistant officer, Development, London:

A Small Town Anywhere at Battersea Arts Centre, created by Coney:

'Audience members were given new identities and immersed in a fictional town 'Small Town' where the town's folk had to identify a pesky gossip maker 'The Raven'. The aim of the game? To expose the Raven and save the town from attack and disrepute. A fantastic example of a participative performance/adventure, where the spectators decide the outcome of the piece left unnervingly alone to negotiate their collective destiny. Each evening created a unique history for the town over the run which has been archived by the towns' historian available for all involved to view under a secret archive.'

1984 at Battersea Arts Centre:
'I'm now really looking forward to 1984 at Battersea Arts Centre, George Orwell's classic futuristic tale brought to life by the sensational Blind Summit Theatre.'