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Have your say in our National Arts Strategy

  • Date: 21 December 2009
  • Area: National
Fish at East Croydon, Art on our Network, by Jon Adams

Fish at East Croydon, Art on our Network, by Jon Adams. Credit: Photo: Jon Adams

In January we will be inviting you to help us shape our short and long term priorities. Our mission, great art for everyone, reflects the key role that culture plays in everyday life - where artists challenge, thrill, excite, inspire and produce the marvellous and the beautiful.

Our mission demands that the value of the arts is recognised and it brings to the forefront the need to work collectively to create the conditions where great art can happen and is accessible to as many people as possible.

The consultation is a public opportunity to discuss what needs to be done to create these conditions and achieve great art for everyone. It is a forum to be more open about our thinking and our processes. The outcome of the consultation will give us the strategic framework to make short and longer term investment decisions. This is particularly important as we manage our way through a much tougher economic period.

Arts Council regularly funded organisations and other partners contributed to the early development of materials for consultation through briefings held across the country. Since then we have completed a robust review of published papers and research, and looked at artform, cross cutting and regional priorities.

To ensure we get a broad range of views we will be asking you to spread the word about the consultation with your networks. Information about how to take part will be published on the Arts Council website in the new year.