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Momentum Music Fund for artists and bands now open for application

  • Date: 17 May 2013
  • Area: National
Momentum Music Fund logo

Arts Council England and PRS for Music Foundation today launch the new £500,000 Momentum Music Fund, supporting the development of talented musicians and bands.

Responding to artists' needs in a fast paced, changing industry

We have invested £500,000 of National Lottery money in the two-year Momentum Music Fund, which will help sustain and develop the careers of talented emerging artists and bands.

We have partnered with PRS for Music Foundation to the deliver the scheme, and will officially launch it today at Grants for the arts-funded music industry event The Great Escape.

Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England said: 'It's great to be launching Momentum at The Great Escape in partnership with PRS for Music Foundation. We look forward to supporting them to deliver this small grants scheme which is responsive to the needs of artists in this fast paced and ever changing industry.

It is vital that talented musicians and bands have opportunities to access the kind of support that ensures their talent can find its way and flourish. As well as supporting some great artists over the next two years I hope that our experience of this fund will provide us with a clearer understanding of how we can best support artists in this area to fulfil their potential and reach the audiences they deserve.'

Apply to the Momentum Music Fund

The fund will cover a broad range of contemporary popular genres, including innovative and emerging genres. Artists and bands can apply to PRS for Music Foundation for grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to support their artistic development and career.

Record labels, music managers, music publishers and other industry professionals can apply on their artist's behalf, but must outline how funding will drive their career development. Applications cannot be made for rosters of artists.

The first application deadline is Friday 28 June 2013. Awards will be announced in early August 2013, with later rounds scheduled for October and January 2014.

Apply now and find out more

Find out more about our involvement and the aims of our investment