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Medals awarded to arts philanthropists

  • Date: 25 November 2011
  • Area: National
man wearing medal

Mr Dorfman is one of five recipients of the Prince of Wales award this year. Credit: PA

The founder of Travelex has been named among those to receive the Prince of Wales Medal for arts philanthropy.

Lloyd Dorfman donated £10 million to the National Theatre in 2010, and has been awarded the medal along with four others being recognised for their contribution to the arts.

The medal comes after years of backing by Mr Dorfman for a vast range of arts projects, with last year's £10 million donation the largest one person had ever given to a UK theatre.

The money was donated in a bid to get the £70 million redevelopment of Cottesloe Theatre off the ground.

He also supported the National Theatre's £10 ticket scheme, which launched nearly a decade ago and has been championed by Director Sir Nicholas Hynter.

Hynter said the scheme had been central in enabling the theatre to put on a diverse range of productions in recent years.

Fund manager Jonathan Ruffer is also among the five recipients of the medal after he launched a bid to rescue a collection of Zurbaran artworks earlier this year.

Another medal winner is Lady Marina Hobson, who has long supported the Royal Opera House.

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