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March what we've seen

  • Date: 20 March 2013
  • Area: London
Wot No Fish

Wot No Fish. Credit: Artwork by Ab Solomons

Each month we see as much as possible of the work produced by the hundreds of artists, organisations and projects we fund across the capital as well as take part ourselves too. This month our staff have picked their highlights. Click on the links below to find out more.


Wot? No Fish!!!, by Danny Braverman, directed by Nick Philippou 

This was a GftA-funded performance by theatre maker, Danny Braverman, who is a first time applicant to GftA as a solo performer. It was one of those moments when you feel that the fund really can work to unearth hidden gems.

Danny told the story of Ab Solomons from London's East End who started to doodle cartoons in 1926 on the back of his wage packet, which he handed to his wife Celie every Thursday night.

He continued to do this over their long marriage, recording the life, death, catering, making ends meet, caring for a disabled son and wartime. Danny weaved the cartoons into an intensely moving and intimate experience. I am sure that this piece will have a longer life, and can be presented in non-arts venues equally successfully.

It was a really contemporary approach to theatre making: flexible, portable and adaptable, and delivering a powerful and engaging experience. Definitely one to watch out for.

Jenny Killick, Relationship Manager, Theatre

all eyes on us, A New Direction

'all eyes on us' follows the journey of four deaf/disabled performers as they train to perform in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Stephen, Lauren, Johnnie and David trained for four months in preparation for this 'once in a lifetime' experience. Their personal stories are revealed, raising key questions about access and changes in perception.

With the aim of developing young people's skills and cultural experiences, using London 2012 as their inspiration, A New Direction commissioned Eelyn lee Productions to produce the film, exploring disability and access to cultural participation, working with a group of talented young film-makers from the Olympic host boroughs.

This was the second time I have viewed the film. Both times it moved me, at different points in different ways. It evokes the memory of a truly wonderful moment, as we welcomed the Paralympics to London 2012, everything that moment stood for and everyone it spoke to; it calls personal responses to the intimate portraits, so beautifully captured; and at this event, it summoned a reaction to the responsibility that we now hold to truly uphold the Paralympic values.

Lindsey Pugh, Relationship Manager, Combined Arts

Hackney live funded by Hackney Council and a range of partners

Hackney live was a streaming of a live music and dance event in Hackney, initiated by Hackney Council. Hackney Live: Dance featured guest performances, live interactive choreography and a chance for online audiences to debate with the dance professionals about dance opportunities and progression routes.

The event, produced by NPO East London Dance, included an invitation for people to send in moves for a live choreographic challenge with @TonyAdigun. People could download @vineapp, record their move and tweet to @HackneyLive and could also interact with the artists during the show through social media.

I was one of the 1,120 unique visitors from 11 different countries since the website went live on 20 February! This level of engagement trumped what would have been possible if it were just a live theatre event/seminar. It would be good to see this kind of event will happen more in the future, possibly also as a platform for ELD to stream theatre shows.

Jan De Schynkel, Relationship Manager, Dance London