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Magdala Opera – Nottingham

  • Date: 5 November 2009
  • Area: Midlands

Following an inaccurate and misleading story in the Nottingham Evening Post on Thursday 5 November stating that 'Magadala Opera faces a cash crisis as the Arts Council has decided to stop its funding' we have issued the following statement to the newspaper and requested that it is published:

  • No funding from Arts Council England has been stopped
  • Magdala have received project only funding  from the Arts Council under our Grants for the arts scheme which makes awards from the National Lottery. These awards are made to individual artists and arts organisations through an application process.  It is a highly competitive scheme and only around 40%of applications are successful.
  • Since 2006 Magdala Opera has received two major awards for projects which have amounted to over £178,000. 
  • Additionally Magdala's artistic director and an associate artist have also received funding of over £13,000 for individual development work.

And we would like to make the following comments to clarify this:

  • David Storer for Arts Council England, East Midlands, said that Magdala were offered a grant of £100,000 for their 'Opera goes carnival' project in 2008, but as they were unable to raise partnership funding from elsewhere the company declined the grant.
  • Another application for their Opera Community Start project this year was turned down as it did not meet fully the Grants for the arts criteria.
  • "We sympathise with Magdala's financial problems but there is significant competition for Grants for the arts funding. Our officers have worked closely with the company and have offered appropriate advice and will continue to do so."


Additional Information

For more information (media only) please contact:

David Storer, Communications Officer

Arts Council England, East Midlands

0115 989 7580