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Liz Forgan delivers bold State of the Arts address at critical time for culture

  • Date: 10 February 2011
  • Area: National

Our Chair Dame Liz Forgan, today boldly stated her confidence in a reinvigorated Arts Council and our new approach to funding the arts.

In a keynote speech delivered at the annual State of the Arts conference, organised by Arts Council England and the RSA, Liz Forgan commended the extraordinary contribution the arts make to our national life.

And just 48 days before we announce decisions on which arts organisations will receive funding for 2012-15, she underlined her faith in the Arts Council to make the expert judgements necessary to allow that creativity to flourish despite tough financial times.

You can download the full transcript of Liz Forgan's speech in Word format and PDF format.

The new National portfolio funding system will be in place from April 2012 and replaces the Regularly funded organisations system, which currently provides funding to 850 arts organisations across the country. 1,340 organisations have applied to be part of the new portfolio.

Applications are currently being assessed and decisions on which organisations will receive funding will be announced on 30 March 2011, with the Arts Council operating with a 29.6% cut to its grant in aid funding from government.