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Live Art Collective East's fantastic contribution to the East of England this summer

  • Date: 8 August 2012
  • Area: South East
Standstill by Abi Cunliffe, LACE

Standstill by Abi Cunliffe, LACE. Credit: Lynn Bolton

Live Art Collective East, an artist led organisation based in the East of England, is keeping the region busy, popping up in unusual spaces and places and attempting to break world records along the way.

We explore their eight unique commissions, created to celebrate the Cultural Olympiad this summer, many supported through our Grants for the arts scheme. Grants for the arts is Arts Council England’s open access funding programme. It invests National Lottery money to support activities that engage people in the arts and helps artists and arts organisations with their work.

The City of Cambridge waved goodbye to the Hunt & Darton Cafe in May, which has now made its way to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The pop-up Café provided residents with a host of entertainment and food to tantalise their senses, creating an original menu whilst inviting people to be part of their unique performance space. Read more about the cities much missed Cafe here:

Entertaining thousands and attempting to break a world record, hopscotch came back with a bang! Inspired by the simple joy of leaving the ground beneath your feet Holly Darton, Dot Howard and Vicki Weitz, the UK's first ever professional hopscotch team has been touring the region with Three Step Endeavour. Having designed their own sparkly silver sets of sportswear, each branded ‘Hop,’ Skip’ and ‘Jump’ they have been performing their choreographed hopscotch sequences in a unique custom designed sporting arena throughout various locations and festivals across the region.

More hopscotch fun was had as Hopscotch to Victory joined in the celebrations at Colchester Carnival on 30 June, attempting to set the world record for the most people playing hopscotch at one time. Over 300 people of all ages from the Essex community and beyond took part in Hopscotch to Victory and hopped, skipped and jumped together in this record breaking event.

In festivals across the region makeshift objects holding short films have been discovered hanging from trees and off lampposts in Vanishing Point. Leslie Hill has constructed a video trail of short films screened in tiny objects, the films present a series of visual paradoxes played out by matchbox cars and vintage toys. Intriguing people at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in May and again at both Latitude and The Secret Garden Party in July, the project provides a combination of film and art in the everyday world.

A cryptic contribution by Richard DeDomenici Reminiscences of a Backward Future features a new solo street performance called ‘Bomb Predisposal Unit’, Richard uses a remote controlled bomb disposal robot which approaches nearby people who may have strayed slightly from their bag. The robot has on-board cameras and is powered by the voice of Richard DeDomenici who will ask unexpecting people ‘is this your bag?!’ The project highlights and explores some of the safety benefits that have been incorporated into the London 2012 Games.

Reminiscences of a Backward Future is creating a lot of hype and intrigue but more of what is in store will be made available in the coming months, watch this space

British Social Athlete has given a voice to the people of Jaywick in Essex, a deprived area in the region. British Social Athlete artist Mel Donohue has been working with this community to create a message from the forgotten Eastern reaches of the UK to the heart of London 2012. Setting sail, cycling and walking to Stratford, Mel and the British Social Athlete team arrived in Stratford on Saturday 21 July as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations.

Coming up in August at the beautiful Holkham Beach in Norfolk, Helen Paris and Caroline Wright have created the site-specific piece Out of Water featuring a newly commissioned sound-score by acclaimed composer Jocelyn Pook. Gathering at the carpark at 8am each morning from the 25 to 27 August, participants will be led to the beach for the performance where they will witness a group of singers and swimmers spread out across the sea front. The group will tell stories of endeavour, of swimming, of sinking all interweaved with haunting music, lifeguard drills, calls for help and struggles for breath.

Last but not least amongst the midst of the Olympic frenzy in August, passersbys can take advantage of a slice of quiet in Standstill.  Ani Cunliffe will welcome people into her beach hut in Brightlingsea, providing a tranquil space for busy people to catch capture a moment of silence and breathe.

LACE has been granted the Inspire Mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme which recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly inspired by the 2012 Games. For more information, see: