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A Legendary Big Dance Weekend 2014 in store for the south west

  • Date: 8 July 2014
  • Area: South West
Grace Sellwood & Emily Dobson jumping on the beach

Big Dance Weekend 2014: Grace Sellwood & Emily Dobson get ready. Credit: (c) Pavilion Dance South West

Myths and legends from the south west are inspiring dancers throughout the region to take to the stage in shopping centres, parks and libraries this weekend as part of the Big Dance Weekend 2014.

Ten professional dancers spent two days with Rosie Heafford from Second Hand Dance developing dance phrases based on such well-loved stories as King Arthur and the Wiltshire Giants.  The dancers then worked with people in their community to create the work to be shared over the weekend.

Groups such as Boogie Bum Bums toddlers dance groups, schools and youth dance companies and Inner Ground company of older dancers have all been creating work and many will perform.

Events include outdoor dance events in Langport and Plymouth and more intimate performances in libraries such as Bath, Bristol and Havant.

Performances or workshops on 12/13 July will take place at:

  • Bath Central Library
  • Bournemouth Library
  • Langport Island and Cocklemoor Park by the library
  • Central Library Swindon
  • Yate Shopping Centre outside the library
  • Sidmouth Library
  • Havant Library & shopping centre
  • Piazza City Centre, Plymouth
  • Exeter Central Library
  • Falmouth Library
  • Bristol Central Library

Big Dance is the UK's largest celebration of dance and dancing, with many opportunities to watch or even take part in great dance.  The week-long event started on 5 July and builds to a grand finale on 12/13 July, with hundreds of events all over the country.

National portfolio organisation Pavilion Dance South West has produced the south west programme, arranged in partnership with the SW Association of Senior Children and Education Librarians and the Society of Chief Librarians SW.

They have integrated the programme with The Giant's Story, the theme of this year's Summer Reading Challenge in the south west.  Last year, the Creepy House dance performances were incredibly popular and drew thousands of young readers into local libraries.

Zannah Doan, Producer for The Giant's Story, said: 'We want to share with 4-11 year olds and their families the incredible myths and legends from near to where they live and inspire them to read more stories. The giant is one that reoccurs across the region and has been chosen as the title for this year's programme.

'Dance provides a way of telling stories through movement, which appeals to children and is a good way of encouraging them to find out more by reading the books.'

This year all libraries in the South West will be taking part through an Augmented Reality teaser trailer on posters and by promoting a game and extra information on the website Step into a book, which will be launched in early July.  The creative team behind the amazing art for the programme are Second Hand Dance and National portfolio organisation Somerset Film.

The Big Dance Weekend 2014 is produced and presented by the Foundation for Community Dance, the Greater London Authority and 15 Big Dance Hubs - working with world-class artists, inspiring communities and people. Check out