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Latest south east team

  • Date: 20 May 2010
  • Area: South East

Here's a full list of the new south east team.

The south east team as of 26 May 2010 are:

Sally Abbott - Director, South East

Chloë Barker - Communications Officer

Jill Cochrane - Area Senior Manager, Advocacy

Jasmine Davies - Assistant, Regional Planning

Ness Donaldson - Office Services Manager

Edward de Souza - Finance and Business Analysis Officer

Chas de Swiet - Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice

Edith Eyo - Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice (on Maternity)

Stephanie Fuller - Senior Manager, Regional Planning

Elizabeth Gilmore - Senior Manager, Funding Programmes

Helena Joyce - Assistant, Regional Planning (on Maternity)

Rose Kigwana - Relationship Manager, Participation & Engagement (on Maternity)

Ben Lane - Relationship Manager, Music

Jon Linstrum - Relationship Manager, Combined Arts

Dany Louise - Relationship Manager, Regional Planning

Clare McGread - Relationship Manager, Visual Arts

Marina Norris - Senior Manager, Corporate Planning (on Maternity)

Karen Miller - Assistant, Funding Programmes

Jon Pratty - Relationship Manager, Digital & Creative Economy

Amy Riley - Assistant, Communications

Jenny Roberts - Relationship Manager, Theatre

Vidya Thirunarayan - Relationship Manager, Combined arts and touring

Clare Toogood - Relationship Manager, Learning

Alice Wade - Assistant, Corporate Planning

Denise Woods - Relationship Manager, Dance

The following people are also part of the team until the end of June 2010: Daniel Bernstein, Judith Hibberd, Keiren Phelan, Vivienne Reiss, Mairead Turner.

Rebecca Ball is covering maternity for the Senior Manager, Corporate Planning until September 2010.