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International sculptors in Frieze Art Fair's Sculpture Park

  • Date: 23 September 2011
  • Area: National
Frieze art fair sign

International artists will exhibit their work at Frieze Art Fair's Sculpture Park this year. Credit: Linda Nylind, Frieze

The work of internationally renowned artists is to be exhibited in a London park as part of a major celebration of the contemporary scene.

The work of acclaimed sculptors Thomas Houseago and Claudia Fontes will be installed in Frieze Art Fair's Sculpture Park, along with Tom Friedman and Kiki Smith pieces. The Sculpture Park in Regent's Park will be a short walk from the fair, which runs 13-16 October.

It will be the first time since its New York showing that a Will Ryman 'Rose' sculpture will be exhibited publicly - this time the Icon (2011) piece will be on display.

Gavin Turk's piece Ajar (2011) should be a striking addition to the collection - a large door, one normally seen inside a house, will stand open and alone in the Regent's Park exhibition.

And a more interactive piece by Johan Creten allows park-goers to have a short rest - they can sit on his bronze bench exhibit, Le Banc des Amoureux (2011).

David Thorp of the Sculpture Park at Frieze Art Fair said the new group of international pieces, many from emerging artists, continues to provide 'a fascinating cross section of sculpture being made today from the monumental to the socially engaged.'

There is no charge to visit the exhibition. You can browse the full list of sculptures on the Frieze website.