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How the North is delivering Great art and culture for everyone

  • Date: 13 June 2014
  • Area: North
Saintland, Collective Encounters

Saintland, Collective Encounters. Credit: Mark McNulty

We've recently published six features profiling some of the work of a number of arts and cultural organisations in the North. These case studies explore cultural activity happening across the area that is helping us to achieve our goals, as set out in our mission of Great art and culture for everyone. They also demonstrate how cultural activity is making a valuable contribution to many aspects of our lives - for example, in education, to our economy and in our society - in what we refer to as the holistic model of arts and culture.

  • Cultural tourism: how Arts Council England helps the North enhance its appeal - here we look at how our goals of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the arts, museums and libraries - and that excellence is thriving and celebrated in all of them - is attracting both domestic and overseas tourists to the North which in turn is benefiting our economy
  • Reaching out to new audiences illustrates the work that ensures everyone has the opportunity to be inspired by the arts, museums and libraries, irrespective of where they live or their social, educational or financial circumstances
  • Coping with change explores how partnerships and creative strategies are ensuring that our arts and cultural institutions are future-proofing themselves and are resilient and environmentally sustainable
  • Civic leadership, partnerships and initiatives that make a difference looks at how successful partnerships with local authorities and other organisations in cities, such as Liverpool and Durham, are vital in delivering our mission
  • See, touch, listen, experience focuses on how we can make sure that every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of arts and culture
  • How arts and culture are important to every aspect of our lives looks at the holistic case for the value of arts and culture for our social well-being and cohesion, physical and mental health, as well as our education, our national status and our economy

This is just a flavour of some of the cultural activity that we've supported that is happening across the North. There are many more examples of organisations and projects that we've funded that are also helping us to achieve great art and culture for everyone. You can read other case studies about our funded projects here.