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The Home and the World - a three day summit

  • Date: 2 May 2012
  • Area: South West
Lifeguard Chair Aerial, from Submergency by Alex Murdin

Lifeguard Chair Aerial, from Submergency by Alex Murdin.

A three day summit The Home and the World is taking place from 19 to 21 June at Dartington, Devon. It is produced by Aune Head Arts and hosted in partnership with The Arts at Dartington.

The event will cover: creative interactions with the surrounding environment, the ways in which the arts can speak about nature, how place and community can be at the heart of creative choices, and how our identities are defined by the place we call home. The Home and the World. Summit producers, Devon-based Aune Head Arts (AHA) are inviting those with an interest in these areas to attend.

The two keynote speakers are Helen Marriage, Co-Director of Artichoke and Sue Hill, Core Artist of Wildworks.

The three days of events and activities will showcase some of the most interesting and innovative work being made across the globe. It will be a forum of ideas presented using the interactivity and creative excitement of an arts festival. Taking advantage of the lush surroundings of the Dartington Estate, exhibitions, workshops, discoveries, tours and discussions will happen indoors and out.

Participation is limited and early booking is advised. Accommodation can be arranged and camping is also available.

To learn more about these extraordinary three days of ideas and activities, to review the preliminary schedule, to read about the work and talks to be presented and to reserve your place go to: