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A guide to demonstrating the value of our work launches today

  • Date: 7 May 2013
  • Area: National
Economy infographic

Supporting our role as an advocate for the value of arts and culture, the Arts Council has refreshed its advocacy toolkit for the sector. The new toolkit contains updated advice and guidance on how to raise awareness and demonstrate the value of public investment in arts and culture.

The toolkit can be accessed here and includes:

  • a series key facts and statistics infographics on: investment; economy, employment and audience which can be shared in social media
  • living FAQs on investment and impact which we will continue to add to over time
  • advice on the government agenda and how to make our case effectively to local and national politicians to align with their broader objectives
  • advice on relationship building with MPs and media
  • advice on how organisations can create your own 'public value' web pages
  • a Slideshare presentation which can be shared, embedded or downloaded
  • a 'demonstrating the value' mini-documentary with high profile contributors from the cultural sector and creative industries which will be available via YouTube in May

For further updates follow @ace_national and #culturematters

Your feedback

We want to make sure that the toolkit assets are as useful to you in your work as possible, so we expect to evolve and develop the content over time with important input from the cultural sector. You can share your feedback on the current content here now