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Godiva’s 2012 Cyclopedia vehicle unveiled

  • Date: 28 February 2012
  • Area: Midlands
Lots of people riding bikes that are attached to each other

Godiva Awakes Cyclopedia unveiling . Credit: Andy Moore

The Godiva Awakes West Midlands Artist taking the lead project, which is part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, is moving forward at great pace.

Last month the Coventry-based company Imagineer Productions, which is behind the project, joined engineers NP Aerospace and Shaw Sheet Metal in unveiling Godiva's extraordinary vehicle which will propel her from Coventry to London in July.

It is the 7m long and 8m high Cyclopedia which has been designed by Coventry based engineers NP Aerospace in partnership with designers from Coventry University and built by Rugby based engineers Shaw Sheet Metal.

The Cyclopedia has been created making the most of the region's technical and engineering knowhow.

Producing a road-going multi-seated cycling machine capable of travel to London and powering Godiva requires a structurally sound and innovative design. The Cyclopedia draws on Coventry's past ingenuity in bicycle design, with NP Aerospace adapting the region's best known cycle the Pashley Cycle, and using contemporary light weight materials, technology and human power in the design.

Claire Maddocks, Director of Imagineer Productions said: 'We unveiled to the media the rig that with the aid of our 100 strong cycle team will power Godiva to London.'

Roger Medwell, Design team NP Aerospace said: 'Working on this project has been a fantastic challenge for our engineers, an opportunity to demonstrate how creative engineering can be as well as an opportunity for all the suppliers involved in the project to translate their technical knowhow into something extraordinary.'

On 28 July 2012, Godiva will awake to a spectacular performance involving dancers, aerialists, musicians, pyrotechnicians, carnivalists and 220 young people in a procession marking the unveiling of this Godiva for the modern age.

Godiva Awakes is part of Artists taking the lead, a series of 12 public art commissions across the UK to celebrate the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, funded by Arts Council England.

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