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London LGBT arts festival opens in November

  • Date: 5 October 2011
  • Area: National

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender arts festival Gaywise FESTival 2011 kicks off in London next month.

This year's festival, which runs 7-20 November, features a diverse programme of short film screenings, workshops and debates, visual arts exhibitions and live performances.

Paul Chisholm, Wendy Elia and Simon Croft are among the artists who are set to play a part in the festival's visual arts exhibition at the Dreamspace Gallery.

Meanwhile, Darius Clark Monroe is one of many directors whose short films will be featured.

Niranjan Kamatkar, Artistic Director, Gaywise FESTival, said: 'Everything this year takes you on a narrative journey that is unique, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable.'

Browse the full programme for the 2011 festival at