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Funding announced for a national pilot project to explore the quality of arts and cultural productions

  • Date: 28 May 2014
  • Area: National

The Quality Metrics project explores the possibility of a sector-led metrics framework to capture the quality and reach of arts and cultural productions.

Funding for a national pilot, to be led by 13 organisations in the North West, has just been announced through the Digital R&D Fund’s new strand of Big Data investment.

This follows the completion of a smaller project in Manchester. To find out more about the Quality Metrics Pilot, watch this short video:

Through the pilot, the group produced an outline framework which looked at quality across a dashboard of different dimensions, with each dimension being assessed through a series of statements to which assessors (self, peer or public) were asked to indicate their level of agreement.

The group then tested these dimensions by developing a survey instrument (an app loaded onto a tablet, used by audience members to use to record their responses) and testing them at eight arts and cultural events or productions in the North West. The responses are immediately loaded to a web portal and used to produce aggregated data.

In addition to testing the metrics, the group also wanted to explore how the app would work, how audiences would feel about recording their responses, and if the data was valuable and useful to arts and culture organisations.

The national pilot will see the metrics further refined and tested on a wider variety of artforms and organisations across the whole country.

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