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Festival of live art set to challenge and inspire

  • Date: 27 August 2014
  • Area: Midlands
Ian Johnston & Gary Gardiner, Dancer

Ian Johnston & Gary Gardiner, Dancer. Credit: Photographer: Nial Walker

The October, Fierce Festival is back in Birmingham with an adventurous programme of live art, performances and projects that will challenge expectations and subvert assumptions.

For over a decade, Fierce Festival, one of Arts Council England’s National portfolio organisations, has established an international reputation for risk-taking, excellence and innovation, bringing together artists from all over the world to produce and perform their work in Birmingham.

“We want to invest in art and culture that inspires, engages and challenges audiences,” said Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England. “Fierce Festival is known as one of the UK’s most important contemporary arts festivals and the work being produced, commissioned and curated as part of this year’s programme promises to do just that.”

From Thursday 2 to Sunday 12 October, Fierce Festival will return with a programme of performances, artwork and projects by local, national and international artists, which will take place in out-of-the-ordinary spaces, such as a former metal works and the Moseley Road Baths, as well as established venues across the city, including DanceXchange and mac Birmingham.

“The diversity of the artists in the festival mirrors the city,” said Laura McDermott, Joint Artistic Director, Fierce Festival. “It seems fitting that bold performance should take place in the melting-pot of Birmingham.”

“Birmingham is also the UK’s youngest city so we’ve programmed several projects that might shift your perspective and help to see the radical potential of young people,” commented Harun Morrison, Joint Artistic Director, Fierce Festival

Creating immersive, hyperlocal experiences that celebrate the collision between art and ideas is what Fierce Festival is known for, and this year will showcase performances and installations that start conversations, challenge conventions and captivate the imagination.

It will also feature two UK premieres - HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE, by the provocative New York choreographer Miguel Gurierrez, and Yellow Towel, by Dana Michel.

At the epicenter of the festival is the Festival Hub, which this year will be at the Edge in Digbeth. The hub will be home to many small interventions and performances, including Influences, a fun look at what feminism means to young women today using nail art.

In a twist, Fierce 2014 will also include the Fierce Slowdance, a chance to slow down and dance cheek-to-cheek, complete with a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance. Fabulous attire is encouraged.

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