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Drawing Attention: Art with Homeless People

  • Date: 13 December 2010
  • Area: South West
sculptural heads

The Holburne Museum in Bath has been working on an art project with homeless people.

Creative activities are inspired by objects and themes within the museum's collection and use a range of artforms including photography, animated short films, ceramic art, mosaics, and face masks and portrait busts.

The museum works with Julian House which provides services to single homeless men and women in Bath and north east Somerset. The project gives participants the opportunity to learn new skills not normally available to them and to identify themselves as being part of an art group rather than just as being homeless. Participants share a sense of pride with their peers and the wider community in achieving something they had not thought they could do.

The wider community have been engaged in their experiences through exhibitions, displays, media coverage and participation in public events.

Activities as part of the project include Talking Heads, a focus on identity and self portraits culminating in an exhibition at Bath's central library. As part of Mapping Lives, participants created a mosaic in memory of Andy, a Julian House client who died in 2009. All at Sea was an installation of banners hanging from Bath Abbey on the opening night of the Bath International Music Festival.

The project continues with more projects in the new year, and there is more information on the Holburne Museum website.