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Have your say in our diversity and equality live chat

  • Date: 28 May 2013
  • Area: National

The Creative Case invites us all to look at diversity and equality within the arts and take a creative approach to addressing barriers to creativity, participation, learning and involvement around race, disability and gender equality, instead of simply viewing it as a legal requirement. 

Join the live chat now on the Creative Case with the Arts Council’s Director, Diversity, Tony Panayiotou on Tuesday 4 June between 12pm and 1pm. Visit the Creative Case website at Disability Arts Online.

The burning issues

The Creative Case is designed to provoke discussion and raise questions: should we be taking a more proactive and creative approach to addressing equality issues? Are we making the most of the artistic opportunities within this area? Are we really doing enough within the arts to include everyone? Download the Arts Council's Creative Case for Diversity publication for more information.

We want to hear your thoughts, experiences and ideas around these questions of diversity within the arts, and invite you to participate by joining in the chat and putting your questions and points to Tony.

Live chat

The link to the chat room is:, and you can keep track of the conversation on the Arts Council blog. You can also submit questions in advance by emailing, posting on Facebook or Tweeting @ace_national using the hashtag #creativecase. A transcript of the live chat will be available to download from the Live chat web page shortly after the event.

Heads Up films

As part of the Creative Case, a series of films have been produced featuring a number of arts professionals and arts organisations discussing their involvement with the Creative Case and what it means to them. These videos will be available from Monday 3 June on the Creative Case website.

You can listen to, download and share a preview of what they had to say in this audio track:

Creative Case 'Heads Up' preview