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Digital Spaces

  • Date: 22 December 2011
  • Area: North
Frozen lamp

Untitled. Credit: Kitty Kraus

Arts organisations in the North West are taking a leading role in delivering art content into the ‘digital space’. We can see all around us how the public are rapidly increasing their use of internet connected devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and internet TV sets (IPTV). The public are changing how and where they view and explore digital content. North West arts organisations that are exploring this have found that it adds to and expands their audiences, rather than dividing their existing audiences.

As Dave Moutrey, Director of Cornerhouse comments: ‘Developing digital dialogue with our audiences has helped us to engage with them on a deeper level as collaborators, distributors and creators of content. It’s opened up vital conversations with our audiences which have had a positive impact on marketing, audience development and artistic programming.’

Some of the projects to highlight from the region include:

Cornerhouse, who encourage a dialogue with their audience through live-streamed online events such as a recent question and answer session with Ed Vaizey. Their website is also animated with video trailers and podcast to download.

Manchester Camerata has begun a series of live-streamed events to promote performances by their chamber orchestra. The first of these recent events attracted an audience of over 13,000 people.

Psappha Contemporary Music Ensemble has developed an online resource to support music composition in schools which uses 100 bitesize films to explore every orchestral instrument through five different ensembles using 21 of the North West's top professional musicians.

FACT has developed an online arts space that enables any arts organisation in the UK to create its own channel to promote art works. This free facility allows arts organisations to show and archive digital work easily, and for the public to browse and search for video from all artforms. FACT also provides support in capturing work to show in the digital space.

Liverpool Philharmonic has launched Phil Channel which screens exclusive videos, interviews and live concert footage.