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The Designation scheme is now closed for review

  • Date: 2 April 2013
  • Area: National

The Designation scheme is now closed for applications whilst a review takes place that will be completed by Spring 2014.

Share your thoughts with us - take part in our survey

As part of our review of the Designation scheme, we would like to collect information from stakeholders on their own experience of the scheme. Please complete a short survey on the link below, and share with any interested parties. It should take no longer than fifteen minutes.

Click here to access the survey or share using this link:

About the scheme

Launched in 1997, the Designation scheme identifies the pre-eminent collections of national and international importance held in England's non-national museums, libraries and archives, based on their quality and significance.

Designation review period

With management of the scheme having migrated through three national agencies and with its extension to cover libraries and archives collections in 2005, we feel that it is necessary and timely to review Designation. This is to ensure that we are providing as effective a scheme as possible, and to help us build on the successes of the past 15 years. This temporary closure until spring 2014 is required as it may be the case that the review brings about changes to the scheme.

Further details on the review and how organisations in the museums, libraries and archives sectors can engage with this review will be announced in the coming months, with the next scheduled panel meeting taking place in July 2013. For more information, please visit the Designation scheme pages on our website.