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Department for Education to increase investment in Music education hubs

  • Date: 22 July 2014
  • Area: National

Today the Department for Education has announced it will increase the funding it gives to the Arts Council to deliver music education by £18 million.

The Arts Council has supported Music education hubs across England with investment from the Department for Education since 2012. This additional investment brings the total amount of funding available to Music education hubs in the next financial year (2015-16) to over £75 million.

Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England said:

‘This is very welcome news, we’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape.

‘The Department for Education’s £18 million increase to music education funding is recognition of the important work of Music Education Hubs to make sure that every child has the opportunity to be motivated and inspired by music.

'Specific allocations for 2015/16 for individual hubs will come later, but hubs can now plan confidently to build on their work so far with schools, local authorities and cultural organisations, to ensure a strong local music offer for children, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.

‘We’re delighted that the Department for Education has backed the Arts Council’s leadership and championing of the network, and we value their support in developing the Arts Council’s work with arts and culture. We’ll continue the work we’ve done over the last four years to progress hub development so that children and young people everywhere can benefit from these invaluable opportunities.’

About Music education hubs

In 2012-15 the Arts Council will invest more than £171 million in 123 Music education hubs, on behalf of the Department for Education. This nationwide network of hubs will ensure every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to perform as part of an ensemble or choir. The network will also allow them to take their talent further: from local ensembles to partnerships with nationally funded organisations.

Find out more about Music education hubs, and the work of the Department for Education.