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Dame Liz Forgan continues to make the case for arts and culture

  • Date: 16 January 2013
  • Area: National
Dame Liz Forgan makes her farewell speech as Chair, Arts Council England

Dame Liz Forgan, Chair, Arts Council England. Credit: Arts Council England

In her final speech as Chair, Arts Council England, Dame Liz Forgan called for continued state investment in arts and culture, as well as highlighting the value of cultural education.

With further cuts to the Arts Council's budget announced in December by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, she spoke of the importance of maintaining public investment to sustain arts and cultural activity in England.

'A modest investment in the arts pays back in hard currency and tradable assets - a global reputation for excellence and places that are attractive to people to live, work and invest in.'

Continuing the debate on cultural education provision, she also spoke out on the omisson of arts and cultural subjects from the Ebacc, calling for Education secretary Michael Gove to make a stand: 'a proper published speech officially setting out his belief in the importance of cultural education would be a start'.

You can listen to Liz Forgan's speech on SoundCloud. You can also download the transcript of the speech here:

Dame Liz Forgan's farewell speech