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Cycling vicar and son propel Godiva from Coventry to London as part of 2012 celebrations

  • Date: 17 October 2011
  • Area: Midlands
two men standing with bikes

Jonathan Mayes and his father Rev. Stephen Mayes .

Godiva Awakes is one of 12 Artists taking the lead commissions funded by Arts Council England as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

The ten metre high moving figure of Godiva will be propelled from Coventry to London next summer by 100 cyclists in an aero-dynamically designed vehicle called a Cyclopedia.

Godiva Awakes is a major project created by Imagineer Productions in Coventry, which become an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation next April.

The Rev. Stephen Mayes (aged 64), Vicar of Water Orton, Warwickshire,  and his son Jonathan  (31),  who is Relationship Manager (Music) in the Arts Council's West Midlands region, will join the other 98 cyclists for the 100-mile, five-day journey next July.

Jonathan says he and his father have cycled together since he was a child. 'Dad has been a keen cyclist all his life and introduced me to the sport. He goes out regularly with other cycling vicars and he and I go on cycling holidays together. Each year on his birthday we ride the equivalent of his age in gets harder every year!

'I went to a briefing about Godiva Awakes and suggested to my Dad that it would be a good idea for us to take part. He agreed readily.'

Stephen and Jonathan have attended informal training sessions with other members of the Cyclopedia team.  Jonathan, who commutes 20 miles by bike to and from work most days from his home in Leamington Spa, has also joined a cycling team called VISTA and rides tandem along with a visually impaired person.

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