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Culture Show special celebrates Art on the Underground

  • Date: 5 March 2013
  • Area: London, National
Mark Wallinger Labyrinth in busy tube station

Mark Wallinger, Labyrinth 2013 - a commission by Art on the Underground, LUL - has been installed in all 270 stations on the tube network. Credit: Artwork: © The Artist, Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London. Photo: © Thierry Bal 2013

Watch a Culture Show special on Art on the Underground tomorrow Wednesday 6 March at 10pm on BBC Two.

The programme follows the installation of the project's largest ever commission, which sees artworks by leading contemporary artist Mark Wallinger installed in each of the 270 stations on the network. This project, which receives Lottery funding through the Arts Council's Grants for the arts programme, is part of the Underground's 150th anniversary celebrations taking place this year.

Inspired by the signs and symbols synonymous with the tube, Mark Wallinger chose the ancient symbol of the Labyrinth as the theme of the work. Each station's Labyrinth has a unique design, representing the journeys taken by millions of passengers each year.

As part of its continuing programme of collaborations between artists and young people, Art on the Underground will collaborate with schools and over 30 boroughs to inspire creative responses which will be shared on the Labyrinth microsite.

As well as featuring Wallinger's commission, Going Underground: A Culture Show Special will also delve further into the history of art on the tube - from poster artwork featuring some of the leading artists of their day to the network's iconic architecture, design and branding.

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