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Cross Pollination event offers fresh perspectives on how we connect with the natural world

  • Date: 17 October 2011
  • Area: National, South East

This week, Citizen Power Peterborough is hosting 'Cross Pollination: How can artists help us think and act on complex issues like the environment?', an event featuring artists Marcus Coates and Andy Holden, and ornithologist Peter Holden, giving fresh and unusual perspectives on how we connect with the natural world.

Citizen Power Peterborough is a joint programme between the citizens of Peterborough, the Royal Society of Arts, Peterborough City Council, and Arts Council England, that explores new ways of making the city a better place to live.

The event will take place from 6-9pm on Wednesday 19 October, is an opportunity for the people of Peterborough to come and take part in a discussion about the linkages between art and the environment, with a particular focus on birds. Marcus Coates will show excerpts from his renowned film work, Dawn Chorus, a powerful and poignant work made with sound recordist Geoff Sample. Coates' work has been widely exhibited across the world.

Peter Holden MBE draws on a distinguished career with the RSPB where he developed the first 'citizen science' project in the UK - Big Garden Birdwatch. This now involves up to half a million participants monitoring millions of birds every year, connecting people with the wildlife outside their windows.

His son, Andy Holden, has recently exhibited at Tate Britain and Kettles Yard, receiving excellent reviews in the national press. The Holdens will present Lecture on Nesting a collaborative project between father and son exploring the materials, structure and processes involved in the construction of birds' nests.  There will be no charge for this event, including free local refreshments.

Helen Lax, Regional Director for Arts Council England, said, 'The Cross Pollination event is a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together and explore how they live and work together. Arts Council England is proud to be working to support Citizen Power Peterborough, and the work it is doing to enrich people's lives in the city through art.'

Jocelyn Cunningham, Director of arts and society for the Royal Society of Arts, said 'Cross Pollination is a rich opportunity to explore how the arts can help us re-examine and re-think our relationships with each other and our environment.'

Contact to reserve your place.