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2011 - A critical year for the arts

  • Date: 22 December 2011
  • Area: National

A word from Alan and Liz

It's been a critical year for the Arts Council and for the arts.

We started the year as we meant to go on, using our National portfolio decisions to make sure that ambition and artistic excellence continued to prosper.

It's been a year where the cultural landscape continued to shift with the Arts Council assuming new responsibilities for museums and libraries, something that opens up some really exciting possibilities for artistic and cultural organisations to work together and find new ways to get people involved with culture at a local and a national level.

And in November the new Arts Council Plan set out how we'd work towards achieving our 10-year goals for the arts between now and 2015.

2012 and beyond

There remains much to look forward to in 2012 and beyond. The National portfolio will come into effect on 1 April marking the beginning of a new era in how we work with the organisations we fund.

Early in the year we'll be announcing our strategic funding decisions as we look to make arts buildings more sustainable, attract more private investment to culture and help great art to tour in new ways.

We'll also be establishing a network of music education hubs to make sure that every child in the country has the chance to experience and enjoy music.

Looking ahead, there are some really exciting chances to attract new audiences to the arts and culture, from The Space to the unprecedented opportunity offered by the Cultural Olympiad. And the State of the Arts conference in February will give us all a chance to come together and debate the role of artists in our fast changing society.

Alan Davey and Liz Forgan