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The Creative employment programme celebrates 1,000 jobs created so far, as new Building a Creative Nation campaign launches

  • Date: 19 November 2013
  • Area: National

Last night the Building a Creative Nation campaign was launched with a manifesto by Creative & Cultural Skills, the leading voice for youth employment in the creative industries, at an event with Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Moira Sinclair, an Executive Director at the Arts Council.

The new national campaign will work with employers and partners within the education sector to create equal access to fairly-paid jobs, and is calling on all of the UK’s 106,700 creative sector employers to recruit a young person to reach the campaign target: 50,000 new jobs in the creative sector. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said:
‘The creative industries are some of the fastest-growing sectors, contributing billions to the economy. We need to help them continue to thrive by paving the way for a new wave of young British talent. Campaigns like this are vital in helping generate new opportunities for young people to break into these industries, develop essential skills, and take their first steps towards a life-long fulfilling career.

‘Together we can build a stronger economy, fairer society and a vibrant creative nation where young talent, from all backgrounds, can progress as far as their aspirations, hard work and dedication can take them.’

The creative employment programme: as 1,000 positions have been created 1,000 new traineeships are announced 

The campaign builds on the Creative employment programme, a £15 million Arts Council initiative launched in 2012, also managed by Creative & Culture Skills. By 2015 the programme will have supported up to 6,500 new apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships and paid internships (graduate and non-graduate) across the arts and cultural sector – having supported 1,000 to date.

At the campaign launch, Moira Sinclair also announced that £1 million of Creative employment programme funds have now been set aside to focus specifically on creating 1,000 new traineeships for young people across the creative sector. 

Helping us achieve our mission

We have just announced our refreshed strategy of Great art and culture for everyone. Within this, we have five goals helping us to achieve our mission. The Creative employment programme directly addresses our fourth goal, of skills and diversity. For more click here or watch the animation below. 

Links and more information

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