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Museums and galleries win chance to host an artist as part of Connect10 competition

  • Date: 9 March 2012
  • Area: National
woman posing for photo imitating llamas behind her

Tourists photographing each other with Llamas at Machcu Picchu by Martin Parr. Credit: Martin Parr

A selection of 10 cultural venues have won a new national competition to host a unique event with a contemporary artist or writer as part of the Museums at Night weekend from 18 to 20 May this year.

The Connect10 competition, organised by cultural publishing organisation Culture24 as part of its Museums at Night programme, an annual after-hours celebration of arts and heritage, is supported with funding from Arts Council England.

To be considered for the competition, the venues were asked to devise ideas for creative events that would demonstrate a link between their venue, location or collections and the work of one of the artists involved.

The venues were then shortlisted and the final decision was put to the public, with more than 21,000 people casting their vote.

Among the winners is the SS Great Britain in Bristol, which has won a visit from acclaimed jelly sculptors Bompas and Parr. The pair plans to create a 'sea of jelly' by flooding the glass plate around the ship's hull with diluted jelly and floating luminous jelly models of Brunel's ship on it.

Also in the line up is the Wedgewood Museum in Stoke-on-Trent, who won a visit from world renowned photographer Martin Parr, who will talk about his life and work. And installation artists Bob and Roberta Smith will be creating the first ever 'Museums at Nightclub' at Eastbourne's Towner Gallery.

The 10 winners and connected artists are:

Discovery Point, Dundee - Jon McGregor
With Antarctic connections in his writing, author Jon McGregor is a perfect match for Discovery Point, home of Captain Scott's famous Dundee-built research ship - the RRS Discovery, which took him to the Antarctic on his first expedition in 1901.

Old Operating Theatre, London - Claire Barclay
Scottish sculptor Claire Barclay expresses her fascination with the body and architecture as well as historical and anthropological artefacts through her work, making her the perfect match for the Old Operating Theatre, the museum of surgical history.

Oliver Holt Gallery with Sherborne Museum ­- Ryan Gander
Installation artist Ryan Gander works with associations and codes that build routes through imaginative spaces. The Sherborne Museum will act as the central point for a series of short tours.

Ragged School Museum, London - Terry O'Neill
East London born photographer Terry O'Neil is best known for documenting 1960s fashion and rock icons. He will be talking about his life at this museum in Tower Hamlets, once home to Dr Barnardo's famed Victorian 'ragged school'.

SS Great Britain, Bristol ­- Bompas and Parr
Bompas and Parr will be flooding the glass plate around the ship's hull with diluted jelly, upon which they will float jelly models of Brunel's ship.

Towner Gallery, Eastbourne - Bob and Roberta Smith
Bob and Roberta Smith will be working with members of the public to fill the gallery with art and signs for Make Art Not War. At night, Towner will become the first ever Museums at Nightclub with interactive art and music coming together on the dance floor.

Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool - Polly Morgan
Artist Polly Morgan's taxidermy will be surrounded by Victorian bottled creatures, taxidermy and 19th century ornithological paintings by John Audubon of the Victoria.

Wedgewood Museum, Stoke-on-Trent - Martin Parr
Martin Parr will visit the museum to talk about his life and work.

Working Class Movement Library, Salford - Simon Roberts
The Working Class Movement Library tells the story of 200 years of campaigning. Photographer Simon Roberts will help the library celebrate by capturing images of modern dissenters, drawing inspiration from the stories of past campaigns archived in the library.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery - Susan Stockwell
A talk and demonstration from installation artist Susan Stockwell where the public can get creative making small sculptures from maps, paper and recycled materials.