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Can the Birmingham Consular Association help to promote your arts event

  • Date: 21 June 2012
  • Area: Midlands
Birmingham Consular Association

Birmingham Consular Association . Credit: BCA

Perhaps not many people involved in arts in the West Midlands realise that there is a Birmingham Consular Association (BCA).  Its members are all formally appointed diplomats representing countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Yet if you are hosting artists from overseas or wanting to reach new audiences abroad it could be worthwhile making contact with them via their website.

Keith Stokes-Smith, Consul for Lithuania and President of the Birmingham Consular Association (BCA), said:  "Different Consuls will focus on different areas but furthering the development of cultural relations between Birmingham, the West Midlands and the countries we each represent does already form part of our agenda.

"Some countries with significant populations in and around Birmingham already have established communities with partners which link in to organisations and funding sources like the Arts Council,

"However, smaller countries with smaller communities are not always so fortunate and do not always have the people resource or skills to either seek funding or justify its provision."

He added that many at the BCA were keen to develop greater cultural links locally which could include:

  • Assisting in facilitating opportunities to bring cultural events/artists to the West Midlands from their respective countries
  • Lobbying embassies to assist in the provision of cultural exchanges/events
  • Motivating UK based communities to organise or be part of cultural events
  • Working with or partnering local organisations in relation to events
  • Representing the countries they represent at local events

The BCA has existed for nearly 125 years. Culture and the Arts are an important part of its remit as is the case for many of its member countries.