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Call for papers for international conference - Lessons In Geography

  • Date: 16 May 2013
  • Area: Midlands

Lessons in Geography presents a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue concerned with the metaphysical properties of geography in the broadest sense. This two day conference seeks to explore the complex space between the physical and hypothetical realms within creative practice.

The processes and manifestations of artistic endeavour are central to the debate, with an examination of qualitative differences and dependencies between the intangible idea, theory or concept and the material object created. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s seminal novel Invisible Cities and Jonathan Swift’s enduring Gulliver’s Travels, the conference asks how do our histories shape our perspective of a particular place, be that real, metaphorical or imagined?
And how does experience influence our interpretations and readings of a given environment?

Bringing together notable and distinguished artists, writers and commentators, the conference is intended at the same time to offer a platform for less established speakers to share their understanding and approach to this subject. The University of Derby in association with mac birmingham invites proposals for conference papers from both established and emerging contributors.

Lessons in Geography is particularly interested in, although not limited to, proposals from a range of disciplines which consider the following areas:

- Borders and territories
- The ocean
- Exoticism and cultural association
- Country
- The city and Suburbia
- Gender
- Mapping and indexing
- Identity
- Childhood and memory
- Architecture and the notion of home
- Object and idea
- Sound

Please send proposals of not more than 250 words and CV by 10 June 2013 to Craig Ashley

For further information about mac birmingham visit