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Broadway launches digital innovation project

  • Date: 20 January 2011
  • Area: Midlands
Nottingham Media Centre

Nottingham Media Centre.

Arts Council England, East Midlands has awarded a grant to Broadway Media Centre in Nottingham for a new digital innovation partnership project.

It will support the growth and development of the digital arts sector in the East Midlands. The project will engage with artists, practitioners and regional organisations working with creative technologies and digital cultures during January to June 2011.  

The call for proposals is for four artist action research commissions into emerging trends in digital cultures including: 

  • Co-creation and Online Space
  • Pervasive Gaming and Urban Screens
  • Re-imaging Redundant Systems
  • Live Cinema and 3D

The closing date for proposals was Monday 17 January.

There will also be three digital innovation forums running alongside the new commissions.

Broadway has invited digital curator Ruth McCullough, AND Festival Producer, to manage the production of these research commissions through a series of mentoring programmes and master classes.

Tiina Taatila, Relationship Manager Digital and Creative Economy, with Arts Council England, East Midlands, comments: 'We have invested £40,000 in this important project as part of a wider investment in digital development to explore how digital media technologies are affecting the creation, distribution and consumption of the arts. This initiative will showcase some of the most innovative emerging digital artists from the region and build strategic relationships with some of the leading digital arts organisations across the country.'

Matt Davenport, Head of Digital Arts at Broadway says: 'We are very excited to be launching this project and cannot wait to see the proposals we receive.  Broadway has a history of working with some of the world's most innovative and inspiring contemporary artists.  Previously these have included the likes of Mark Titchner, JODI, and Jon Burgerman.'

Further information can be found on the Broadway website.