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Black Archive Project - deadline for contributions

  • Date: 1 October 2009
  • Area: London

Deadline for contributions: Friday 16 October

We are currently asking for contributions to the Black Archive Project, which responds to one of the recommendations of the ‘Whose Theatre…?’ report.

The Black Archive Project aims to be a comprehensive resource of plays written by Black British/Caribbean playwrights within the last seventy years that have received a full professional production in a theatre in Britain.

We would be very grateful for your suggestions of plays that you have produced that fit in with these criteria. If you are able to contribute, please email by Friday 16 October the title, playwright and where the performance was staged to Sarah Trahearn:
Phone: 020 7608 6102

The criteria are that all the plays must be:

  • Written by a Black British/Caribbean playwright within the last seventy years
  • Received a full professional production in a theatre in Britain

This archive does not include:

  • Plays which were produced as a rehearsed reading
  • Plays included in a school tour or school festival
  • Plays written by Black American or African playwrights who have received a production in Britain

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