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Birmingham Opera Company to produce Stockhausen world premiere for the London 2012 Festival

  • Date: 13 March 2012
  • Area: Midlands, National

Birmingham Opera Company today announced the first complete performances of Mittwoch/Wednesday - the final opera of Karlheinz Stockhausen's monumental opera cycle Licht/Light - as part of the London 2012 Festival this summer.

This will be the first time that all six parts of this opera featuring two choirs, flying solo instrumentalists, live electronic and acoustic music and a string quartet streamed live from four flying helicopters will be staged together. The production is funded by the Arts Council, a principal funder of the London 2012 Festival, as well and Birmingham City Council.

The performance of Mittwoch aus Licht / Wednesday from Light, which lasts approximately five hours, will take place in August as part of the London 2012 Festival at the Argyle Works, a former chemical plant in the middle of Birmingham and the venue for Birmingham Opera Company's production of Verdi's Othello which was broadcast on BBC2.

Millions will also be able to interact with the production through The Space - a new digital arts media service from Arts Council England and the BBC, which will be accessible free of charge via the internet, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

Dame Liz Forgan, Chair, Arts Council England, said:

'To realise Stockhausen's unique vision at last will be a fantastic opportunity for Birmingham Opera Company and I know they will rise to the challenge. I am delighted that the Arts Council is able to support this hugely ambitious project which will be an unforgettable experience for audiences across this country and the world during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.'

For more information on Mittwoch/Wednesday visit the Birmingham Opera website.