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BBC experts Bill Thompson and Peter Salmon share some AV tips with the arts sector in this video interview

  • Date: 8 July 2011
  • Area: London, Midlands, North, South East

A pearl of wisdom from Bill Thompson on Twitter:

'Don't use the word "content", it debases everything it touches - make things of beauty and call them what they are.'

The second Building digital capacity for the arts seminar took place at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle this week. Bill Thompson, Head of Partnership Development, BBC Archives chaired the event which focused on the practical aspects of making audio and audio-visual content for arts audiences.

Together with Peter Salmon, Director BBC North and Dominic Smith, Tyneside Cinema, Bill shared a few expert views in this video touching on budget, reaching new audiences and what the opportunities are for arts organisations using AV material.

Visit the progamme minisite now for more videos from the event including Andrew Caspari, BBC Head of Speech Radio and Classical Music, Interactive on the BBC and British Museum project A History of the World in 100 Objects and Mark Batey, Video Journalism Trainer, BBC Academy on why you don't need a £40,000 camera to make good video.